Who Am I?


Hey Everyone! Thanks for clicking on!:) I have wanted to start a blog for a while just to share my adventures in life with everyone. I’ve loved to write ever since I was seven and my dream of writing my own book came to life, of course it hasn’t happened yet. I decided that I should start to chase my dream by making a blog to explore all the different interests and types of readers that different topics attract. Being said, this blog will be personal to my life and everything that I go through, which is why I thought that “Walk With Me” would be a great title.

If you haven’t already figured out by the lack of a good website cover, I haven’t done too much research on blogging. Turns out- when you search anything about bloggers, all that comes up are websites inviting you to make your own. This doesn’t necessarily help in the “what type of blogger should I be” department. So I would absolutely LOVE for you to put any ideas or constructive criticism in the comment section on how to make my writing/ website better.

For now, I would like to remain anonymous because although I am very outgoing, I can be somewhat timid when it comes to putting secret parts of my life out there where everyone can see. Although I have really put a lot of thought into writing, I haven’t even told my closest friends or family about it. Most of my life is an open book, I have a very hard time keeping my mouth shut, even about private matters. It’s not that I mean to share them, it’s just as if the words flow out of my mouth and there is no way of stopping them. I have so much to say all at once that I speak before I think. The evidence for that is these past three paragraphs that I’ve typed in under 10 minutes. I have almost too much to share! Anyway, this all just goes to show that the few parts of my life that really are private are private because I’m not sure of what people will think. Call me scared.

Now, for the fun part! (at least for me:)) I’ll tell a little about myself so that even though I’m not going to share my name, we can still relate on a personal level. This is a PERSONAL blog after all. Fact #1: I have a huge family, and I mean huge. There are 19 of us. Now, you may be thinking, “Oh yea right, I have 25 family members.” But my question to you is- Do you all go on cruises together? To Disney together? Do you have a family group message with everyone from age 8-77 on it that you end up putting on “do not disturb” because they won’t quit texting? Do you all get together for every single Alabama football game? Do you have family “camp” just for a reason to get together for a day or two? My family and I are so close and they all mean so much to me. Fact #2: I play all the sports that I can. I play volleyball, basketball, and softball, and you better believe I would play soccer if it didn’t interfere with softball season! I met just about every single one of my friends through teams or camp, which leads me to my next fact. Fact #3:  Camp is my life, I go to just about every single camp that I can fit into one summer, and some on weekends during the school year. I’ve been to them all, you name it- JH, Winnataska, Blackout, Bigstuf. Call me hyper, but there’s nothing I’d rather do than be doing something all summer. Some of you are probably thinking, “Gosh, just sit down and take a nap or watch some Netflix, it’s summer after all.” Believe me when I say I would give up Netflix, Instagram, Snapchat (yes I would lose my streaks), wifi, or any technology at all just to be at camp all summer. If you can’t tell, yes, I am the person that always says “I’m bored, I’m bored.” Annoying, right? Well, you’re welcome mom and dad because I haven’t bothered you guys for the past 45 minutes that I’ve been writing this blog. I’ve found my distraction. Fact #4: God comes first. Well, I guess in this blog he’s fact #4, but you get what I mean. Yep, all those camps I just named, they’re all christian camps. And in fact, I chose the picture of roses as my cover photo because I feel as though I find God mostly through nature. For this reason, my favorite place to spend time with Him is outside in my front yard, sitting on a $12.99 lawn chair from Lowes. I love to strengthen my relationship with God and help others in the process. One of my favorite things to do is bible study or christian book study. I love my friends and their company and I love God, so I put them together and SURPRISE, I love it. Of course, it helps that we normally do it at a restaurant and food can make any situation go from great to greatER.;).

I can’t think of any more facts, which is surprising. I’m gonna be real honest with you here, I don’t know too much about how blogging works. I don’t know how often to post, or how long it should be. So I’m just gonna steal my teachers quote here,”Write until your done writing”. Since this is just my first blog, you’ve probably had enough of me for one day;). I would love to post at least once a week on whatever I want to share with you about my life. I would also love any suggestions on what you want me to write about in the comments. If you’ve read all the way to here, I want to thank you for giving me a good 15 minutes to share a little bit about myself and give you a small glimpse of my dream. If you enjoyed it, please stay tuned for another story soon, thank you!